Aim and Scope

Today's products and their constituent components and structures have to meet increasingly stringent requirements during operation. The economic and human costs of failure during service impose a great responsibility on organisations and individuals who develop new materials and those who select and integrate materials in a final engineering processing. A critical feature of successful product development is the judicious selection of the best material or materials, based on an informed awareness of the capabilities and opportunities afforded by all candidate materials, coupled with manufacturing that takes full advantage of those capabilities.

The aim of International journal of Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Characterization (IJAMMC) is to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of the attributes and capabilities of all types of modern engineering materials in the context of engineering processing and characterization

IJAMMC publishes a range of high quality peer reviewed research articles including full papers, short communications and technical reports, and occasional special issues that investigate the properties of materials that influence or control any practical design. All types of engineering material are addressed including metals, ceramics and glasses, polymers and elastomers, and composites. The content is broad and relevant to materials researchers, engineers and manufacturers in academia and in industry.

The technical level is postgraduate but not specialist, with an emphasis on developing practice rather than theory, for the field of materials engineering in preference to science, making appropriate links to processing. To reflect the multidisciplinary nature of materials, submissions to IJAMMC should also be understandable and offer information useful to professionals working in fields outside but related to the immediate subject of the article

Paper Categories
Technical article submissions to IJAMMC are classified into the following categories based on the outcome of the review process.

Full Papers
Describe advanced research investigation, conducted in the considerable level with critical analysis and discussion of the results by considering the relevant literature.

Extended abstracts
Are same as full papers but drawing limited conclusion based on small scale investigations.

Technical Reports
Describe in detail the method approached, progress made and/or results produced from basic research.